Friday, June 17, 2011

Our House

Ok so here are some nice photos of our house, taken by the agent so the images have been enhanced of course to entise people to view the house. We won't mention anything else about this agent, it was a hell of a time not just for us but for the previous owner too.

Don't get me wrong it's a beautiful home with loads of potental and I am really looking forward to making it our home with the changes we have planned. The gentlemen who owned it was past fixing it up and just wanted to be out of this massive house as he lived here alone.

So on seeing these photos this is prior to us moving into the house. Actually I think these photos were taken a long time before we bought as the gardens are all lovely and pruned and not over grown as it was when we took possession.

Ok so lets start with the floorplan of the house - it really is quite a big house

Ok so this is the photo of the front/side taken by the Agent - you can see who the agent was and boy did they play dirty.

this next photo you can see the actual front entry of the house with the old awning.

this next photo is looking down from the other end, here you can see the place needs a darn good paint job, gutters fixed etc.

so now for the inside, the first images are of the lounge room

Dining room with the big double doors that open onto the front verandah

Kitchen from both sides (walk through kitchen) as you will see from just looking at the dishwasher how much the agents photographer stretched the photo to make it look bigger than it actually is. The dishwasher was broken too LOL!!

Chloe's bedroom - here you can't see that the room has very old wall paper which was peeling off the walls.
the master bedroom (Andrew's & my bedroom)

now this next one was originally the 3rd bedroom before the extenion was added back in the 80's, after the extension it became the retreat, allowing entry to the 2 back bedrooms.

this is Shannon 's bedroom which is just off to the left after the retreat.

and this is the spare bedroom upstairs that currently can't be used as it leaks when it rains. Looks pretty good in the photo right LOL!! However, all the walls and ceiling have been wet and will need to be totally taken down and re-done.

ok so that's the bedrooms upstairs so now here is our bathroom which desperately needs updating, the shower doors only open quarter so you wouldn't want to be a bigger person or you wouldn't get into the shower.

Ok, so let's now go downstairs to the rumpus and other bedrooms.

Firstly we have a couple of pics of the rumpus room - now downstairs has been wet too, all the tile carpet has been wet and the concrete underneath is damp a definate drainage problem.

this is Sarah's bedroom downstairs

and this last room is another spare bedroom which will most likely be housing our nephew later this year.

this is the bathroom/toilet downstairs, I don't think this shower had been used in a very long time as it leaked severely, water pouring out down inside the walls of the hallway. The shower screen actually hides the very old green tiles which are all around the shower.

Anyone who uses the toilet downstairs almosts dies of shock as the entire neighbour hood can hear when it's been used LOL!!

so lets now head on outside the house, to the entertaining area/pergola and pool

this last photo has been taken from the small back deck from the kitchen door, you can see in this image that this deck is completely rotten and needs replacing entirely.

Right so now we have shown the photos of our house ready for when it was put on the market. I am sure these photos were taken quiet sometime before hand and they were definately enhanced.

We are here to the rescue, we are going to update this house and save it before it's too late.

So this is the beginning of our journey.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ferrier Street Renovations the beginning

We have finally moved into our own home and have started on the renovation process.

Here you can follow our journey with the renovations of Ferrier Street.

It will be a slow process but at the same time it will be fun and the house will be transformed.

Looking forward to a long fun journey renovating.

Ness xx